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a wedding event of two cultures and hearts

About project

A wedding is a big puzzle, where every detail is of great importance and forms a complete picture. The Groom and the Bride are two soaring, two loving hearts. This wedding is a combination of two cultures, two countries, traditions: Ukraine and Armenia.
The sacrament of the wedding took place in Dilijan, Armenia, in the ancient temple of Haghartsin.
Our team organized the wedding in the shortest possible time according to all the canons of Armenian traditions.


A wedding invitation is exactly what sets the mood, style and reflects the concept of the wedding day.
Soft colours, perfect combination of textures and important words from the heart.

Wedding invitation

I will be with you in sorrow and joy, wealth and poverty, sickness and health... I will be with you. I will always..» - with these words, the incredible ceremony of the newlyweds began.

A ceremony area is a special place where the most long-awaited event in the life of the bride and groom begins.

Host of the wedding ceremony: Tina Karol


The decor is one of the main accents on which the concept of a wedding event is based.

The choice of colors, textures, and flower combinations determines how harmoniously and stylishly the ceremony area, hall and other event locations will look.
Together with Fiori, we filled the space with a living flower and incredible decor. All decor elements are unique and designed as part of the idea and concept of the wedding.

Flower guide:
  • Phalaenopsis white
  • Hydrangea white
  • Colored asparagus
  • rose white

Colour scheme: white and gold


On the wedding day, it is so important for the bride to look perfect and reveal her natural beauty. For the most important event in the life of the bride, professional stylists will select 5 exclusive dresses that emphasize femininity, lightness and sophistication.

Bridesmaid dresses

Working with artists is a separate area with many nuances, in which we know how to organize all processes as efficiently as possible.

At the wedding were present among others: Tina Karol, Freedom ballet, Bashi, BERT Dance Ensemble, Natalka Karpa, Hanza & Jaro, Arabo Ispiryan Artur Petrosyan.


We have thought through all the details: from the invitation to table setting and serving dishes. From the selection of decor to the coordination of artists. From choosing a flower for a bridal bouquet to designing an invitation.

For each guest we have prepared a compliment - a small box with a white handkerchief with the initials of the bride and groom and the inscription "for happy tears". The wedding cake from Inna Solntseva was an incredible end to the celebration.

Emphasis and details

We thank the whole team, partners and artists who were with us from the very beginning and on the day of the wedding. Together we created the real magic and magic of the wedding day.

Location: Regent Hill Kyiv
Decor: Fiori company
Catering: Intercontinental Kyiv
Cake: Inna Solntseva
Technical contractor: Feyeria, Mediatech rent, Pravdin production, video slivki TV
Photo: Maria Golub, Alexander Reva, Denis Polulyakh, Mikhail Kovalev, Oleg Oleinik
Video: Portraitvideo
Bride and groom gathering locations: Intercontinental Kyiv, Fairmont Grand hotel Kyiv
Chief makeup artist: Olga Vovchuk
Head hairdresser: Natalya Savitskaya
Bride's dresses: Adamaris bridal, Elena Bernatskaya, Irina Razumovskaya
Armenian bride's dress: Teryan cultural center, Lilit Melikyan
Groom's suit: Frolov heart, Ivan Frolov
Hosts: Yuriy Gorbunov, Katerina Osadchaya
Artists: Tina Karol, Freedom ballet, Bashi, BERT DanceEnsemble, Natalka Karpa, Hanza & Jaro, Arabo Ispiryan, Artur Petrosyan


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