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The Heirs

Bikers, family values and Dasha Astafieva

This time our team was trying to create a brand for a new space with biker spirit and family values. We had to do comprehensive work: come up with naming, create a verbal concept, brand identity and communication strategy. We also had to manage the production and participate in all the stages at the start.

That's how The Heirs came to be.
A place where you can meet friends, have a kitchen, see detailing of vintage motorcycles, and even get a tattoo. Crazy, right? That's what we thought, so we said ‘Yes’ to the project right away.


Verbal Concept

Biker culture is a legacy of traditions and values. And where else are there values and traditions that are passed on to heirs? Certainly in the family.

The founding family is generations that inherit businesses and pass down traditions. The father designs and builds, while children and grandchildren support and bring ideas to life. Special people and the location, which was not chosen arbitrarily, here’s the place where the family business was born. Everything came together so that Heirs appeared here and now.

Bikers are about inheritance.
Family is about inheritance.
Values and stories are about inheritance.
That's how we came up with the naming. The Heirs. Each guest is an heir, who becomes part of a space imbued with the spirit of freedom, where you can relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Heirs is an enclave, a territory of freedom and family values. It is both a museum and a workshop, for people who like to relax in good company or with family. The concept of positioning is complemented by the motto and the descriptor.

Visual Solution

Next, we moved on to the development of the brand look.
We created a logo and animated it, selected corporate colors and textures, patterns and prints, fonts, and even created original characters that formed the basis of the brand look.

And, of course, we developed a brand book, which has everything you need for the full launch and operation of the facility: stickers, business cards, badges, badges, tissue, bags, packaging, glasses, and much more.
We have offered merch design: t-shirts, hoodies, caps, shopper, bum bags, key chains, and even power banks.

For online brand interaction, we’ve created style-forming content, a branded stickerpack for Telegram, and a series of posters.

Who are Big Dad and Newborn?

For the project, our illustrators drew original and daring brand characters, the antipodes - Big Dad and Newborn.

The characters reflect the brand values and the concept of combining biker and family. Big Dad is a mustachioed bearded kind man, a teacher and protector, the example the brand conveys to society. Newborn is a trendsetter, a kid who represents the new generation. He's not afraid of experimentation, he grounds us, but forces us to transform. The characters are rebellious by nature. They can be defiant if they're not happy with something, but they also don't mind joking around to cheer up their loved ones.

Unique Format

The interior design is another highlight of The Heirs. The architectural firm Bro Bureau worked on it, which proposed and created the interior design and supervised the entire construction phase.

Particular attention was paid to detail - fixtures, furniture, cabinets, tables and a unique art object. Leather, metal, stone, wood, concrete were the materials we suggested to inspire our colleagues.

The Heirs is not only a gastronomic place, but also a place where you want to go again for emotion. The restaurant, the tattoo parlor, the bar, and the detailing. To complete the concept of the space, what was missing was a store where the visitor could buy some merch.

The showroom is a place where you can buy The Heirs merch and goods from other brands that make products similar in value to ours. The showroom's specialties are the branded The Heirs collection, collab merchandise, and kids' merch which is ‘cooler than McDonald's’: transfer tattoos, kids' biker costumes, and bike coloring books are sure to appeal to rebellious kids.

What makes a showroom’s merch different from a regular merch? Quantity and biker vibe. 3D postcards with a biker helmet, branded soda in tin cans, leathernecks and helmets (what could be more biker? Probably only a bike itself). The showroom for us isn't just about clothes. There will be gifts for visitors, freedom-scented candles, vinyl records, books, and more.

Ukrainian Marilyn Monroe as the face of the brand

Such a wayward brand required an equally rebellious face. And who else could it be but Ukrainian sex-symbol Dasha Astafieva? Ukrainian actress, singer, TV presenter and model, the favorite of Hugh Hefner, the founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine. She is associated with the biker culture not only by her photo shoots on motorcycles, but also by her audacity.

Dasha became not only the face of the brand, but also the inspiration for the art object, which became the heart of the place. The art object was conceived and implemented by Mykyta Shalenyi - the founder of Bro Bureau.

The process of creating the object included many stages: creating a prototype, 3D-scanning, designing the sculpture, and integrating it into the space.

Communication Strategy

The brand turned to be authentic, bold, and memorable. It is important for us to create a close connection between the brand and the consumer. That's why we offered a lot of service and custom-made solutions. This includes the creation of a showroom, two types of menus (regular and digital), a menu concept, solutions for the bar, staff uniforms and much more.

Omnichannel communication is important for the effective operation of the place. The Heirs will interact with customers online, so we have offered our vision for each communication channel. We created examples of visuals for posts, highlights for Instagram, a stickerpack with our mascots for Telegram, chatbot ideas, and even our own playlist on Spotify.

Launch of the Heirs

Work on the brand has already allowed the facility to launch and start work, and the proposed solutions – to create and embody the conceptually new place with the spirit of freedom on the left bank of the Dnieper.

School us — выделяй важное, получай знания.

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