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School us

Highlight what's important, gain knowledge

Previously, it was the ‘Flash’ network of English language schools, which turned to us for a comprehensive rebranding. Today, ‘School Us’ is a language center with a new corporate style and recognizable communication. We have successfully coped with the task, it's time to tell and share the results of the work with you.

About the Project:


We have conducted several strategic sessions for School Us, identified points of growth and formed a new positioning, naming and brand concept. As part of the strategy development, we created user profile pictures, formed a marketing strategy, and moved on to the next stage, branding. We have backed everything up with a conceptual visual and designed a brand book, of which we are very proud. We finalized the rebranding by launching and updating social networks and developing a new website.


The first step in comprehensive brand work is analyzing baseline data and preparing for qualitative research. With the help of in-depth interviews in the Jobs-to-be-done methodology, we have created consumer portraits that provided a fundamental understanding of customer pains, needs and motivations.
A competitive market cut is necessary to understand competitors' promotional strategies, product and price segment.

The next step was a technical audit of the customer's site and analysis of competitors..
Highlight what's important, gain knowledge
Highlight what's important, gain knowledge
Highlight what's important, gain knowledge

About the Naming

School Us is a combination of the words, school and us. The name can be read as a call to ‘teach us’, or as ‘school for us’. This naming emphasizes the uniqueness and exclusivity of the language center. And it is also a non-existent word, which makes it easier to choose a domain and name in social networks, optimizing the cost of brand promotion.
Ease, recognition and confidence as the basics of this naming.

Visual Brand Concept

The concept of the school is based on the idea of highlighters. Highlight what's important, gain knowledge.

The corporate style in the form of text markers tells us not only about the colorfulness and brevity of the style, but also about the usefulness and effectiveness of obtaining information, about the way to structure knowledge.

Text markers leave a bright, saturated mark on paper. However, its main value is transparency to the text. A line drawn over a written line becomes a colored background.

A concept about learning. From the magic brush to knowledge.
This style makes the learning process more convenient and sometimes even more interesting.

Brand Character

Both children and adults come to be trained in School Us. The goal is to build loyalty, a strong bond of customers with the brand.
A little monkey is a character who will be an assistant and a guide in learning the language.

Why a monkey?
  • Monkey is a human friend
  • A fictional friend who goes to school with you;
  • Many kids would like to take a monkey to school with them.

Graphics are used:
  • In applied media (workbook, workbook, schedule, stickers);
  • In digital content;
  • In incentives (e.g., communication with a native speaker, extra zoom session, access to data, etc.)

About Website Creation and Development

We have created a landing page that describes all the services of the language center, as well as offering the opportunity to sign up for a trial lesson.

The integration of identity and animation has become an integral part of the work on the site, which now allows a qualitatively new communication with the students of the school.


Rebranding was the beginning of a new phase in the life of the school. We created a modern and stylish brand, clear and attractive to the consumer. Now, School Us is about openness, trends and communication.

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