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Pravova Konstanta

Law Firm in Bankruptcy and

Pravova Konstanta (Legal Constant) is a law firm that specializes in the bankruptcy and arbitration niche. In this project, we have carried out a comprehensive rebranding. The main task was not to change everything radically, but to refresh the corporate style and remain recognizable for our clients.

About the Project


What we did:
  • Shaped a new positioning and slogans
  • Simplified the logo to make it minimalistic and trendy
  • Changed color palette and fonts
  • Formed a brand book and worked out the main points of contact of the brand
  • Developed style-forming elements of the content
  • Developed a series of postcards for state and professional holidays.

Visual Brand Concept

In order for the brand to remain relevant, aesthetic and recognizable to the client, it is necessary to introduce changes accurately and precisely at each stage of rebranding.
That is why we did not change, but only improved and updated the color solution, fonts, pattern and the logo itself.


A radical change or a slight refresh as an opportunity to maintain and strengthen the brand image?
It all depends on the goals, objectives and context of the brand.
For Pravova Konstanta, the perfect solution was a light refresh. Clients, partners and team over the years have come to love and get used to their corporate identity, but the owners and top management intuitively knew it was time to change. That’s what we did.

Mary Poppins ― новое поколение аристократов

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