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is the character of the brand on the personality of the client

About project

In the world of IT, the brand image is its unique history and key distinguishing feature. In the brand of the company, you can see everything about the people who work in it, cooperate with it and buy its services /product. Today Pingle is a large international IT company specializing in game development.


Pingle is a chameleon who never gets bored. It attracts the attention of people with personalized appeals from city lights, billboards, branded products of the brand. Its appeals with motivation for joint action are addressed directly to the consumer. Pingle is a new solution in the IT industry.


Why Pingle?

Once upon a time there was a popular content about a man who got himself a chameleon lizard. And named it Pingle. It was a lizard that was never bored. The owner put a bike on it, dressed it in small rollers, and together they seemed to be having a lot of fun and spending time together. We are very fond of this character. And when a client came to our office, this name was waiting for him.

The brand is based on a bright character - a cheerful and friendly Pingle chameleon, who is never bored. A cute chameleon is the basis of the Pingle brand. The legend, identity and corporate identity developed around him.

A clear image of the character made it possible to personify him and endow the entire brand with interactive properties:
  • Pingle addresses us in person from billboards, branded products and city lights.
  • He talks and plays with the site visitor. Because you are his friend he introduces to his world.
  • Identity illustrates parts of the lizard's body as a kind of constructor, from the details of which something amazing is born in skilful hands.
Meet me, I’m Pingle
Meet me, I’m Pingle
Meet me, I’m Pingle

Work results

The character is very bright, he liked the client and the whole team, brought a positive conversion. We served it organically in a playful mood. It was easily integrated into the overall concept and vision of the working group.

The project confirmed that any person who wants to join the brand and wants to be successful must be inside the brand himself. A brand should reflect what is inside it.

Meet me, I’m Pingle. (с) Pingle game studio

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