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coffee, rituals and guest care

Nizhna is a future conceptual coffee house in the heart of Dnipro.
Here you can drink a cup of aromatic coffee, order a healthy fresh juice or take a healthy snack. And also you can join lectures about health, exercise and quality time in a community of guests with similar values.

About the Project


For this project, we have created naming, positioning, visual identity and animated logo. We have designed the conceptual solution in the form of meanings and graphics and created a brand book.

Naming and Verbal Concept

At the heart of the verbal concept, there is a story about rituals that form useful habits and a conscious way of life.

“The Story of One Coffee. Take-out rituals with flavor. Morning rituals. Useful habits. About communicating with yourself. About silence. When we remember our rituals, we remember them with tenderness” – this is how we see the brand Nizhna (Ukrainian word for tender).
every day with you
every day with you
every day with you

Logo: a blend of aesthetics and philosophy

After developing the naming, we set about creating a logo. Immediately it was clear that it should be a subtle font logo and understated nude shades, which are associated with nature. The font envelops the trunks of the plants, creating a single harmonious brand image. It was decided to use the Ukrainian language to communicate with the consumer.

About Positioning

The positioning of Every Day With You reflects the key values of the brand – care of the guest, their well-being and “When you run to the office with a cup of coffee, stop by for a morning smoothie after a run, or take time for yourself with a cup of cocoa. Your time with health benefits. Nizhna. Every Day With You.”

Visual Brand Concept

The main elements of the graphics are color patterns, which became the basis
  • Creation Rituals. A sprig of hazelnut is a symbol of renewal. Creative progress is often interrupted by moments of burnout, in such moments a change of scenery and a glass of coffee helps.

  • Morning Rituals.
A ginkgo tree branch, as a symbol of vital energy, is woven into the uppercase letter У and forms graphic elements that can be used in the design.

  • Seasonal Rituals.
The olive branch is a symbol of peace, tranquility, and renewal. Each season is like a little life with its own events, rituals, and vitality.

  • Weekend Rituals. A linden branch is a symbol of friendship, family, cordiality, femininity. A day off is a day of family, walks in the fresh air, a time of travel and rest.


The Nizhna brand is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also filled with deep meanings. The main points of contact (packaging, staff uniforms, content for social networks) have been well designed, which allows the brand to be recognizable and unique in the eyes of the customer. We are looking forward to the opening of the coffee shop!

ho-ho — концептуальный грузинский стритфуд в Киеве

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