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namaste party

travel from Dnipro to New Delhi

About project

Dreams should come true. Especially on a birthday! India in Dnipro? Why …yes! The work was carried out in the mode of transcontinental flights on the route Dnipro - New Delhi. Since the birthday girl really wanted to visit Nepal, we decided to make her wishes come true. We invite you on a great journey, where together we will touch the culture of the cradle of mankind.
Dreams should come true. Especially on a birthday! Since the birthday girl really wanted to visit Nepal, we decided to make her wishes come true.

Namaste party is:
  • Event title
  • Greeting arriving guests.
  • Blessing of the new year in Sonya's life.

The unequivocal decision was made - to move to the east!
  • Studied culture, traditions and values.
  • Picked up ornaments, clothes, cuisine and music.


The whole process required the maximum involvement of our team at all levels:
  • 5 months of preparation.
  • Creation of the main idea and concept.
  • Writing scripts for clips, lyrics.
  • Preparation of the script and direction of the event.
  • Development of a unique event identity.
  • Preparation and rehearsals of the show.
  • Tailoring of costumes and creation of images.
  • Sketches and scenery construction.
  • Selection and approval of the Indian style dinner menu.
  • Direct delivery of spices, jewellery, incense and fabrics from India.


The whole space literally turned into a small quarter in the center of an Indian city:
  • Welcome zone with candy bar and fresh flower wreaths.
  • Corridor of desires.
  • Photo zone with the main symbol of India - an elephant.
  • Incense and relaxation zone.
  • Indian showroom with flash tattoos and mehendi.
  • Hookah zone.

Each location was interactive and 100% ready to meet the main guest, her friends and relatives.


Everyone knows that India is about a riot of colours. Even in January. That is why we have developed:
  • Menu and invitation design.
  • Event print, name pattern and animation.
  • Fashionable stickers in telegram
The pattern was everywhere - on pillows, tablecloths, printing, on every important detail. The unique design of the photo zone was created in collaboration with Bilberry creative. We have thought through every moment, from decor, table setting and refurbishment of bar counters to rehearsal of the process of serving dishes at the event.
Development and tailoring of costumes for artists - especially for the event. Birthday girl look design by Katolic atelier.


Their area of responsibility is the creative atmosphere and mood of the evening! The beginning of the evening was ignited by Slava Ox, who created the necessary vibrations with a playlist of Indian motives with a mix of electronic music. The event was opened by the ballet Shadows. Their bright, incendiary, organic numbers did not leave anyone indifferent. While the guests were enjoying the kitchen and communication, they were warmed during the musical break by the vocals of the amazing Alena Karas. Beatmaker which "visibly" showed the involving power of the art of beat making is doing for all raisin lovers.
Main headliner of the event — Ramil’ performed hits and lit up the evening! And at the end of the evening performed, lifting guests from their seats and moving them to the dance floor with the power of charisma and the best tracks.


Location: Sunray hotel
Decor: Bilberry creative
Video: Easy cut production
Headliner: Ramil’


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