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Music Box

Real award music box 2018

On September 30, 2018, a real Music Box award took place at Crocus City Hall.
We are proud to think that everything that people could see on the screen during the ceremony, all production and motion design - all this was created in our office.

A brand is more than a name. This is a reflection of the team, mood, character, relevance of ideas. The correct identity can say more than words.
This is the first impression, an imprint in the memory. This is what they want to state. Identity expresses the ambition and path of the people who are behind it all.
Bright, lively, keeping up with the times, trendsetters in their field - this is how we saw Arusya and Alabama - the organizers of the award.

Ideas should solve problems and produce results. Otherwise, it's just imposing creativity. We are creative people with a goal in mind. You need to be a bit of a psychologist, a bit of a paranormalist and an absolute artist. The combination of these qualities gives a great result in interaction with the client. The client is not obliged to clearly understand what he wants at the start, we help him to understand it. In dialogue, we live out his experience, mood, dreams, wishes and fears.

As surfers, we catch the same wave with him and create the right one.


The Real MusicBox Award is a bright annual event in Russia in the field of music. It is held with the support and on the basis of the Russian MusicBox TV channel.
In 2018, we started developing a new identity for the event. The 6th award was held under the title "On the Wave of Music". We reflected this mood in branding. Metaphorically, with gradient waves, we conveyed the sound and variety of characters of the artists. How it was and what we were inspired by - we are sharing with you now. We chose Ultra Violet color as the main shade.


On the Wave
On the Wave
On the Wave
After the first meeting with the client, we really thought about the event identity during only 2 days. At first there was a game of associations: music, melodies, flow, completely different artists, show programs, bright costumes. So the idea to create a wave appeared. Agree, a wave is a symbol of something moving, elusive, not standing still. This is modern show business. Symbolically, a wave is a sound, and its color scheme is a diversity of artists.

Why Gradient?

Several years ago we were at a bright event in Baku. Surely, we paid attention to details, attributes, identity. We were inspired by rich colors, shades and neon. In addition, fashion to the gradient in design ended few years ago, pantones became popular. We decided to bring back the old, making it a new trend! We think we did it well.


The new visual identity of the VI Real MusicBox ceremony is something completely different, vivid, more "live", personalized. It is a reflection of people. The team that created the event, artists, spectators, TV viewers, fans. We developed the cover of each artist individually.

In addition, we made a full production for an advertising company, and also developed a branded merchandise for this award.

Olga Buzova, Basta, Ani Lorak, Sergey Zverev, singer Jasmin - 18 high-profile nominations, names and awards. The co-founder of our company, Tatiana Bogoslovskaya-Orel, flew to Moscow and took part in the award ceremony: she walked along the carpet and personally presented the prize to Lolita. Added new lines, a wave of color gradient and shades. Thus, we reflected the individuality of each. To be different from others is the "new black".

We make brands that stay in memory. Which convey the life and character of the people who are behind it all. We live by this creativity, and we are happy to implement any ideas into reality. Even the most challenging and reckless.



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