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«Music Box Gold» 2019

Moscow in the aesthetics of the golden age

The first National Award " Music Box Gold 2019" supported by the MusicBox Gold TV channel was held in accordance with theme of the Golden Age.

On December 2, 2019, the brightest musical event of the year took place at the Celebration House “Gosudar” in Moscow. The hosts of the National Award " Music Box Gold 2019" were Nikolay Baskov and Lolita.

Music sounded from the stage, ranging from hits of the 90s to popular tracks from streaming services. The performances of each artist were accompanied by luxurious decorations, high-quality sound and bright dance routines. It turned out very spectacular.
We are pleased that part of this entertainment is our work.


music box gold
music box gold
music box gold
Bohemian surroundings, golden roses, top Russian and foreign artists — this is how we saw the Golden Age when rethinking of 2019. Here we were not directly involved in organizing the event, we did only a visual picture and production of an advertising campaign.

We gave this National Award style, character and mood. Katya Lel, Angelica Agurbash, Lolita, Olga Buzova, Anita Tsoi, Mitya Fomin, Sogdiana and others became the winners of the Prize and the owners of the statuettes.
We also flew to Moscow for this significant event, and not only to see the identity we created in action. We were invited by the general producer of the award, Arusya Amaryan.
Co-founder of RGB Idea Group Tatiana Bogoslovskaya-Orel and Andrey Karpenko even took part in the award ceremony — they took the stage and presented the coveted statuette to the singer Zivert.
Here we started with a concept. The main inspiration was the "Golden Age".
We took the noble and solemn black color as the basis for the corporate identity, added a recognizable 19th century ornament in gold, iconic musical instruments and roses.

In this style, we made the identity of the event, made photo zones and banners.
We were very pleased and it was a great honor for us to make posters with so many honored artists: Nikolay Baskov, Lolita, Katya Lel, Valery Meladze, Mitya Fomin, Anita Tsoi and many others.

We prepared all motion content for the Award - the whole ceremony took place against the background of animations invented and made in the Dnipro office of our studio.

It is pleasant and valuable to create an image of such events.
Moscow loves Ukrainian creativity :)



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