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easy to fly

a celebration of the greatness of the Woman

About project

The event is about creativity, oeuvre, consistency, dedication, responsibility, and great love for our work and the people for whom we create.
This is how we created a conceptual family celebration EASY TO FLY.
An evening about the greatness of the Woman whose achievement is determined by the ability to love and be loved. A celebration that successfully combined the sublimity of antiquity, the sophistication of the classics, the mystery of modernity, the creativity of postmodernism...

And also the simplicity of human feelings. For some, an anniversary is an opportunity to talk about your successes and high-profile achievements. For the birthday girl, her celebration is a moment of self-reflection. After all, an anniversary is a stop when you need to freeze, breathe in and rise to a new flight height.

Key message: EASY TO FLY.
Fifty is the new twenty-five


A unique decor was developed for the event, which harmoniously blended into the interior due to the complete reincarnation of the location:

  • the main photo zone is a large cyclorama in the shape of the sky
  • complex decor of the banquet hall - textiles, table setting, floristry and printing
  • welcome and lounge area
  • architectural design
  • specially designed suits from Katolic Atelier

Ideas, sketches and plans from fantasies and sketches turned into reality. Reality combined with aesthetics and depth.


The selection of artists is one of the important parts in the preparation of the event.
The artist creates the atmosphere and overall vibe of the event.

  • welcome: an immersive meeting of guests from Shadows in the form of birds, as well as conceptual productions with the participation of other artists
  • live vocals and incredible timbre of singer Leroy captivated guests throughout the evening. Specially designed images and vocal numbers
  • energy and the highest professionalism of Teona Kontridze
We overcame countries, quarantine and many obstacles in order for her appearance on the stage to happen.
The culmination was the performance of the incredible and incendiary Verka Serduchka.
Headliner with whom it is a great honour for us to work.


Decor: Fiori company
Technical contractor: Nota
Show and wow: Shadows ballet
Location: Edem resort medical SPA


Pingle is the character of the brand on the personality of the client

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