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cheese and wine as the best collaboration

COLLABA is a chain of cheese and wine stores. A new model on the gastro services market.
Not just a bottle of wine at a cheese shop or cheese cuts at a liquor store, but a real collaboration of two products.
By the beginning of 2021, there are already 4 locations in Dnipro, and one in Pavlohad. We are sure that this is not the limit.

COLLABA is a shop of high-quality craft products, a service to satisfy the most complex gastronomic needs of gourmets :)

Here you can find wines of different regions, varieties, ages and pricing policy. About 70 types of cheeses, Ukrainian and European sweets and pure chocolate, jams and sauces to pair with cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Is it attracting? Well, it is for us too!

In frames of this project we expressed all our love for the cheese-wine combination.


We started working with this client with a brand strategy. Then we created branding, identity and built a content strategy, gave verbal messages to the brand. We thought, what are cheese and wine? What is it about? And we made a unanimous decision — this is the perfect combination! It’s just perfect match, luxurious collaboration.
That is how the city of Dnipro acquired COLLABA.

Historically, the word “collab” came to us from artists and meant working together on one piece. From English – collaboration, fusion, symbiosis of several actions, people or phenomena. It is synergistic like a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Here you can find a classic and everyone’s favorite combination of fine wine and good cheese.


The idea and name COLLABA is about combining the best tastes, about a gastro journey, about a high-quality combination. About plans for your evening, after all! In the logo, we expressed the harmonious play of wine and cheese, in minimalism, in beautiful geometry, without frills. The colors are surely cheese ones!
Black and yellow colors, metal and wood, light and shadows prevail in the guys’ interior. Taken together, this gives a cool, holistic picture.

The verbal message is “Absolute love”. Because after Pitt and Jolie broke up, we still need something to believe in! The consumer’s choice in favor of certain services or goods is always about his choice by love. That is why we decided to immediately outline the foundation of the guest’s relationship with the product, the visitor’s relationship with the brand. This is reflected in the interior of the stores.

You can choose cured meats, sauce or jam, a chocolate bar or marzipan. And if you have no idea about what to give to a loved one, the guys have branded wooden gift boxes. You can fill them at any price, to any taste, color and for any occasion.

We are pleased that when we just started, COLLABA had only one store without a name, and now it is already a chain of five stores throughout the city.


COLLABA is not just a cheese and wine shop. This is a full-fledged gastro area popular in the city. You can come by for a bottle of wine and cheese platters for the evening, you can participate in the tasting event, order salads or take away bowls. All consultants are real professionals. They will help with the choice explaining about grapevines used for bottles, gradations of Gouda and sauce for morning toasted bread. Everything is tasty. We checked.



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