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catering trendsetters

Our portfolio includes cases not only of large commercial brands, but also of significant figures in the public sector, who understand and realize the importance of creating a brand that reflects values and mission, understandable and interesting for the consumer.

One such case is our client Briscola, a leader in integrated catering with 12 years of experience. The company provides services of outsourcing quality catering and provides educational institutions, while setting new European standards in its niche.

About the Project


Big changes for big brands! For Briscola, we have implemented a full-fledged rebranding: from a new name to a refresh of social media and the website. Also, we have worked on the positioning and slogans, created a visual brand identity, detailed all points of contact using the new corporate identity and created a presentation for clients and partners of the company.


In developing the naming, we had several objectives. First, the name had to be international and universally understandable. The company has a global goal to feed children not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Secondly, the company name should be easy to pronounce, so that a child of any age could pronounce it.

We have analyzed the market and concluded that in the catering industry, branding is most often not the focus in a company.

Why Briscola?
Briscola is a trump card. It's also the most popular card game. To be always with a trump in your hand. To be the first, to be the leader. Creating a product for everyone. Handmade.


Verbal and Semantic Message of the Brand

Made by hand is the verbal and semantic message of the brand. Hands are not a metaphor, it is about the hands of the chefs and the team that creates a culture of proper, balanced nutrition for children.
Handmade – it's about the Briscola brand, about the attitude to their business.
Balanced nutrition for children is now in good hands of the Briscola team.

Visual Brand Concept

The visual concept is based on a minimalist pattern and graphics that reflect the new “handmade” positioning. We also developed a brand book, in which we visualized the future packaging, staff uniforms, style-forming content and corporate vehicles in the new corporate style.


In this project we did everything for the company to become a trendsetter in its niche.
New branding is already making thousands of children and parents in Ukraine fall in love with it. Briscola has become closer, clearer and more modern.

Mary Poppins ― новое поколение аристократов

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