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Boulevard shopping festival

100 000 uah for charity

"Boulevard Shopping Festival" is a charity event that we invented and held on August 29, 2020 for the KIDDO Foundation in Dnipro. This project has become very special for us. We decided to unite the top companies and boutiques of the city to achieve a common goal. With the help of our partners Alef Estate, we were able to organize an event in the very heart of the city - on Katerynoslavskyi Boulevard. We literally created a cool summer city vacation format. We came up with a format, a name, created an identity and attracted all partners.


Boulevard shopping festival

Boulevard shopping festival

Boulevard shopping festival

At that time, we were faced with the task of helping the KIDDO charitable foundation raise funds for charitable purposes. Therefore, the entire RGB Idea Group team decided to work for free.

In the name of a good idea, we held a large-scale festival of shopping, entertainment and pleasure for the residents of our city. We collected branded clothes, shoes, accessories from influential women of the city, as well as from our friends and partners Cult Fashion Group. We are pleased that as many as 30 partners participated in this event: all stores from Cascade Plaza, as well as Human, Creative States, SunRay Hotel, BroBuro and many others. We had a cool foodzone with food and drinks, workshops, a lounge zone and over 10 charity points of sale. There were animators for children and adults, music, stand-up, competitions.

The guests sat on sun loungers and drank cool Aperol Spritz, ate grilled meat and Ukrainian snails from Zaporizhzhia “Zap Ravlik”, danced, got acquainted, took pictures. And most importantly, they made purchases, which made it possible to collect 100 000 UAH for the purchase of resuscitation equipment for the Dnipro Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.


DJs, photographers, artists, leading stand-up comedians, vocalists, street dancers — we were not bored and quiet not a minute. There were master classes in neurography, where anyone could try themselves in a new kind of creativity. Children and women were especially fascinated by this :)

By the way, neurography is a relatively new art form for us.
In fact, it is art therapy, a graphic method for transforming free consciousness. With freehand lines and colors, we can reflect what is relevant to us at the current stage of life.

Wine boutique Vintage Dnepr presented its collection of wines from the Old and New Worlds. Everyone was able to find what they liked that day — to taste, to choose the one they like best and buy a bottle home.

We are grateful to all partners for the opportunity to cooperate and hold such a cool event for the sake of a common idea — to help children.


By joint efforts, purchasing goods at the festival, we were able to collect 100 000 UAH, of which UAH 40 520 were collected at a charity auction. The entire amount was transferred to the fund. We are grateful to every guest who made purchases that day at our event!
official partner
Aperol Spritz Ua
alcoholic partner
Creative States
creative partner
sports partner
Alef Estate, Cascada Plaza, Cult Fashion Group
partners of the event


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