Life and Adventures | Inspired by Mishka Yaponchik

Anniversary of a great man and the whole event dedicated to him

Event objectives: the banquet hall Lucia was transformed for a day into a completely new location for guests, the first floor is the old Odessa with the actors of Gorky Theatre and the second floor is the variety show of Mishka Yaponchik.

We recreated the action scene from TV serial to have the guests completely plunged in our concept.

Number of guests: 40 people

Deadline: 3 months

Project implementation:  

The whole city is in the festivities, but Aunt Sarah is still bargaining about the price of kilka. On this occasion, Maman and her daughter put on the best clothes for the promenade in Odessa, and there, in the rows of fish, meat and vegetables, Monya and Roza Abramovna are waiting for their clients.

Sonechka is running between them and selling the newspaper “Life and Adventures of the Hero of the Day”.

The home page contains his portrait and the two-page opening his personal achievements. 3 film adaptations based on real life and series of pre-recorded anniversary greetings.

The detailed development of life stories, castings of actors, rehearsals and shootings.  In spite of geographical distance, we realised the shooting of video greetings from the mother of the hero of the day in San Francisco.

We created the greetings of the staff in the form of symphony where the hero of the day was a conductor.

This evening, the professional actors knocked over the variety show, played the Russian roulette with the hero of the day and finally he won!

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