We combine the event and the idea
based on the customer history

Event is a complex of ideas, style,
design and directing.
PR-technologies of event,
cThese are the new generation events from

Private event

It is balanced reflection of the customer style corresponding to its principles and concepts, a friendly atmosphere and communication.

Corporate event

It is an integral part of the corporate culture solving the tasks of team building, increasing loyalty to the company, non-financial motivation.

MICE projects

Multi-event in the framework of one offsite event. Synergy of well-organized logistics and events.

Public events

These are competitions, flashmobs, conferences, fairs and exhibitions, carnivals, festival performances, concert programs, show programs.


This is an active corporate rest based on team games and adventures, psychological (game) training, aimed at team building.

Event for brand

An event aimed at creating a certain emotional connection between the brand and the consumer as well as to increase the level of customer loyalty to the brand.


New generations’ events

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